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Pilates by Elsa

Dancing was my first love. I started at the age of 6 and have never stopped dancing ever since. I performed on stage as a professional dancer for 20 years before I had a strong desire to share my passion and start teaching both adults and children. I graduated in 2006 as a professional dance teacher in France.


I started practicing Pilates when I was pregnant, even though my belly was growing I still needed to keep moving and I found pilates perfect for me. I was able to continue working  on my legs and my arms and to stretch my back, which is SO important when you are pregnant! 


I enjoyed this method so much that I kept doing it. Pilates was also an ideal training to get my body back in shape after giving birth and it turned out to be a great addition to my daily training as a dancer.


After a few years of practice, I decided to add this technique to my teaching skills and got certified in 2009. I taught pilates in several studios in Paris and organized workshops in Europe before I moved to San Francisco 5 years ago.

I like the way that pilates changes our bodies, with a regular practice everyone should find its “perfect body”. But let me clarify!


A perfect body doesn’t refer to a perfect plastic but to a body with a good posture with strong and long muscles.


I am talking about a healthy body that you can trust, that is ready to go and empowers you to do everything you want to do!

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