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  • With or without any accessories (roller, soft ball, magic circle…) Pilates on mat starts with a focus on breathing and an awareness of our body.

  • Each class will have a succession of abdominal exercises, leg stretching, back extension and reinforcement of the arms and "gluts".


“I like keeping the flow in my classes, students are kept in motion through a combination of tonic and gentle exercises”

Students end their classes with the feeling of having accomplished an intense muscular work whilst being relaxed at the same time!

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  • The Reformer uses the same principles of Pilates as on mat.

  • The Reformer gives you the opportunity to work with more or less resistance (springs that we add or remove according to the exercises), it allows you to work on your muscles in many different ways.

  • The machine is a few inches from the ground thus giving the student a wider range of motion.

  • There are more than 500 exciting Pilates exercises and the Reformer allows you to diversify and challenge yourself a little more!


Reformer classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students.



Regardless of your level, you have the opportunity to book a private session where we will identify your needs and goals.  The work that we will do together will help you improve your progression in collective classes. 

For beginners, a package of 3 classes is offered to help you better understand the fundamentals of pilates and get you familiarized to the exercises on mat and reformer. 

During a pregnancy, the focus will be on breathing, muscular relaxation, back and leg stretching and the reinforcement of the arms and backside.

After giving birth, the target will be on reinforcing the core and gently get back in shape.



Invite PerfectBodyPilates to your workplace:

Finding balance between work and well-being is doable and even necessary! Perfectbodypilates offers classes at your office during lunch time or late afternoon.


Open-air Sessions:

With a group of friends or work colleagues, book yourself a 2 hours pilates session on the beach or in a park. Breath-Move-chat and take care of yourself!


Stay tuned, PerfectBodyPilates organizes workshops on mat or reformer in attractive studios of San Francisco.

Focusing on different themes, these workshops will increase your knowledge and help you better understand the goal of some exercises. At the end of the workshop, you will have improved your practice and will be ready to challenge yourself a little more.


Do not hesitate to contact me for further information!

Workshop & Events
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